Lubrication Eco Saver



Engines, compressors, and machinery that uses gears and bearings can all benefit from our Lubrication Eco Saver LES. LES reduces emissions while also saving on fuel and lubricant.



Introducing Lubrication Eco Saver (LES), an additive to lube oil that enhances mechanical surfaces, making them smoother and reducing friction without leaving a film. LES is suitable for engines, compressors, and equipment utilizing gears and bearings. It conserves fuel oil, lubricating oil, and improves emissions. It is crucial that the mechanical surface remains free of film deposits, consisting instead of highly-polished metal. The engine requires a one-time treatment, and additional treatment is not necessary unless replacing major components, such as pistons or cylinder liners, or during an oil change. When changing oil, an additional 10% of the initial quantity of LES should be added. The treatment is effective for two- and four-stroke diesel engines, compressors, hydraulic systems, gearboxes, and equipment with rolling and plain bearings. LES offers a projected payback period of less than one year.

The benefits of using this additive include

Diesel engine mechanical efficiency improvements led to a reduction in fuel consumption of about 2–3%

10% increase in cylinder compression, which reduced wear and prolonged component life

Decreased friction-related heat, vibration and engine noise.

10% reduction in oil consumption - Increased the lifespan of transmission oils by four times while doubling that of engine oils.

30% less combustion deposits in the cylinders

Allows for minimal cylinder lining and piston ring wear, even when using fuel oil free of sulfur.