Fuel Eco Saver



The FES offers fuel oil savings of 5-10% while simultaneously reducing emissions. It is designed for both engines and boilers.



Introducing a highly efficient solution that benefits both boilers and engines, known as Fuel Eco Saver (FES). FES is an advanced fuel oil treatment serving as a carbon catalyst, smoke suppressant, and combustion enhancer for two- and four-stroke engines, as well as boilers. It is compatible with both heavy fuel and diesel. FES is installed on the fuel line before the engine or boiler, significantly reducing fuel oil consumption by 5 to 10%. For newer engines in good condition, FES can result in fuel savings of about 5%, while older engines often experience even greater improvements. Boilers typically achieve a fuel economy gain of around 10%. Not only does FES reduce fuel consumption, but it also lowers emissions (CO and NOx) by approximately 15%, reducing maintenance and component costs by at least 15%. The projected payback period for FES is less than a year, representing a fantastic return on investment. The projected payback period for FES is less than a year, which represents a fantastic return on investment.

Key benefits of using FES include

Reduced unburned fuel and improved combustion efficiency.

–°leaning and maintaining the exhaust valves, injectors, turbochargers, and piston rings.

Preventing combustion deposits in the combustion chambers of boilers and engines.

Less smoke being released.

Reduced exhaust temperature increased exhaust valve lifespan.

How it works

How it work

Technical Data

Dimensions, (mm)

A = 440-630, B = 60-80 C = 80-100, D = 40-60 E = 120-160, E = 40-60


< 1.0 % fs

Working fuel pressure

0-30 bar



Power supply

24V DC

Weight with sensor

3-7 kg