Wireless electronic engine pressure indicator



Is the most accessible Electronic Engine Pressure Indicator on the market. Our patented technology delivers faster results and easier readouts.


Our patented technology delivers

Wireless (know-how) solution with a 10m data transfer range; no long cables required.

Ergonomic, easy to use - a special wrench for removing/installing the sensor (gloves are not required!) - fast calculation of data (approximately 5 sec)

Utilises the same industrial mini-computer (iPC) as the engine's crankshaft deflection device, EDD.

Engine performance takes less than one minute per cylinder.

Unique (know-how) TDC finding method. It allows to calculate mean indicated pressure Pi power Ni without sensor on the flywheel.

Compact - Weight with sensor 500g - Case size 32 x 26 x 7 cm


Watch our video demonstration to see just how quick and easy it is to analyse engine performance using ELPI.

How it works


Connect pressure sensor to the indicator valve.


Collect wireless data on mini-computer (iPC)


Connect the iPC to PC via USB cable.


Import data from a iPC.

PC Grafics

Grafic 1 Grafic 2 Grafic 3
Performance Innovation

ELPI’s wireless, user-friendly interface makes easy work of measuring dynamic pressures in both 2- and 4- stroke diesel engines.

High-Level Problem Prevention

The ELPI delivers pressure plot data, which results in highly advanced fault prevention, leading to less time and expense devoted to repairs.

Instant Data Transfer

During engine cycle measurement, data is made instantly visible on the LCD display unit. This data can also be transferred to a PC for further analysis.

Technical Data

Measuring range

0-25 MPA (250 bar)


< 1.0 % fs

Speed range

from 40 up to 2000 rpm


Standard indicator thread W27x1/10''


Rechargeable battery

Weight with sensor

500 gr