Discover easy and efficient solutions to boost the power of your engine!

At Akrit Engineering, we provide reliable solutions to boost your engine performance. Our products and expertise ensure precise, dependable, and long-lasting results.


Wireless and Compact Measuring instruments

Pressure measurement device(ELPI)


The ELPI is a compact, patented electronic pressure measurement device.

Crankshaft deflection device(EDD)


This compact electronic device has been specifically designed to measure crankshaft deflections both quickly and accurately.

Portable diagnostic set(PDS)


The only diagnostic set that integrates both wireless engine (ELPI) and (EDD) into one durable, easy-to-use instrument.

Diagnostic by Performance

We are delighted to introduce our latest engine diagnostic service, featuring performance analysis.

This service offers comprehensive diagnostic information, including:

  • Detection of partially blocked indicator valves.
  • Identification of exhaust valve leakage.
  • FRecognition of fuel injector malfunction.
  • Detection of high-pressure fuel pump issues.
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Economy Improvement

Fuel Eco Sarver(FES)


Saves 5-10% fuel oil, reduces emissions, for engines and boilers.

Lubrication Eco Saver(LES)


Reduces emissions, saves fuel and lubricant for engines, compressors, and gear machinery.

Fuel Equipment Improver(FEI)


Enhances performance and lifespan of high-pressure equipment.