Portable Diagnostic Set

Portable Diagnostic Set (PDS), the ingenious portable diagnostic set from Akrit Engineering, is the only diagnostic set that integrates both wireless engine pressure indicator (ELPI) and deflection unit (EDD) into one durable, easy-to-use instrument.


Watch our video demonstration to see just how quick and easy it is to analyse engine performance using PDS.

The PDS provides users with the following benefits:
  • Affordable price coupled with high performance and reliability.
  • Two devices with one mini-computer.
  • Remotely controlled operation facility.
  • Compact and easy to store.
  • User friendly design.

This set offers the very best value for money when considering diagnostic equipment, providing all your diagnostic needs in one highly convenient ABS plastic case.

How it works?

Technical data

Measuring range:
ELPI16 0-16 MPA (160 bar)
ELPI20 0-20 MPA (200 bar)
ELPI25 0-25 MPA (250 bar)
< 1.0 % fs
Speed range:
from 40 up to 2000 rpm
Standard indicator thread W27x1/10''
Rechargeable battery
Weight with sensor:
450 gr
Measuring range (distance between crankshaft webs):
100 - 800 mm
0.01 mm or 0.001 mm depending on requirements
Rechargeable battery
Weight with sensor:
400 gr

Do you have any questions?

If you have further questions regarding the ELPI, drop us an email or a fax
and we will respond to your query as quickly as possible.
Email: info@akritengineering.com
Fax: + 44 (0) 2089 383093