Lubrication Eco Saver

LES is suitable for engines, compressors and equipment using gears and bearings. LES saves fuel oil, lubricating oil and also improve upon emissions. Click here to learn more about this element.

Lubrication Eco Saver (LES) is an additive to the lube oil which renders mechanical surfaces even smoother and lower-friction without depositing a film. It is very important that the mechanical surface has no film deposited upon it, but consists instead of a highly-polished metal.

The engine requires treatment only once and additional treatment is not required, except when a full oil change is performed, or when replacing major components, such as the pistons or cylinder liners.

The treatment is effective for two- and four-stroke diesel engines, compressors, hydraulic systems and gearboxes, as well as in equipment with rolling and plain bearings.

The benefits of using this additive include:

  • Improved mechanical efficiency of diesel engines, thus reducing fuel consumption by about 4 - 6%.
  • Increased cylinder compression by around 10%, meaning less wear and extended component life.
  • Reduced engine noise, vibration and heat generated by friction.
  • Reduced oil consumption of around 12%.
  • Doubled lifetime of engine oils and quadrupled lifetime of transmission oils.
  • Reduced combustion deposits in cylinders by about 30%.

This technology allows operation with virtually no wear to the cylinder liners and piston rings, even when using sulphur-free fuel oil.

LES has a projected payback period of less than one year.

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